My paintings show my deep emotional involvement with nature. I use rich and vibrant colors and free flowing brush strokes. I am primarily a landscape artist. My love affair with trees and romance with nature goes way back to my childhood. I would lie on sweet smelling sun-baked earth and look at clouds splashed on the screen of the sky for hours. Painting for me is a prayer and an offering to nature, an act of worship for providing me with eyes that can see the beauty of nature and act upon such information. My colors are bright because that is what I see. I am one of the few people who actually possess color vision that is superior to the normal trichromatic variety. Another reason is my ethnic background where the sun is generous with its rays making the atmosphere lush and glorious. The sun enriches and soaks the earth making it cadmium sometimes and alizarin another. I must have carried these colors in my eyes.

I paint the quivering murmuring leaves sighing as they sway and the sun filtering through them. Swelling raging clouds bursting forth and pouring, gurgling babbling brooks, calm and peaceful lakes and all encompassing sky like a benevolent canopy over it, are a few of the subject of my paintings. I want the onlooker to smell the rain-soaked forests, to feel the warm sun on their skin, to hear the singing of birds in their pulse and be spell bound for a split second. That is the purpose of my art.

Parveen Kaur